Am I Healed?

"Isn't she over that yet?"
I overheard the comment about a woman whose husband died several year ago, and my heart hurt.
We cannot define another's grief. We cannot know what they are going through. Who are we to say it has been 'long enough'?
I do believe, however, that we can get stuck in our grief, and that we may spend more time than we need to on any one of the phases of the grieving process.

How do we know if we are 'over' our grief? Does one really recover from mourning?

The definition of recovery is going to be different for each person. You have to decide what that means. To me, it is not realistic to expect that this tragedy is erased and never affects me again. But I do expect to get to a point where it doesn’t define my life, and where I can find happiness and peace, and live a full life again.

What does recovery mean to you?

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