In memory . . .

After my mother passed away last May, my step-father invited my sister and I to come help go through Mom’s things. It was a tender day as we lifted clothes out of the closet and drawers, each item of clothing bringing back the memory of the last time we’d seen Mom wearing it.

Angels Watching Over Me

Monday evening we had planned to go to a Marvin Goldstein concert that had been arranged just for widows and widowers and their families. I looked forward to it for months, and could hardly wait to listen to his beautiful music and to hear him tell the story of his life.


“I’ve never felt so alone…” His head bent, his words halting, the recent widower could say no more, and covered his face with his hands, weeping. Haven’t we all been there? Feeling alone driving in the car, alone at dinner, alone sitting at church, and the very worst, alone at night in bed. Craving the sweet feeling of warmth next to us as we sleep – but knowing it is gone forever.

A Slower Pace

Richards Hollow Trail, Blacksmith Fork Canyon For her birthday, my oldest daughter Brooke asked if I would accompany her on a hike, high in the alpine mountains above Hyrum, Utah. First you have to know that she is more than twenty years younger than I am – and has always had incredible energy and drive. She accomplishes more in a few hours than I do in an entire day.
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