Richard Paul Evans,
best-selling author says:

"SOLO - Getting It All Together When You Find Yourself Alone is a must-read for everyone who has ever lost a loved one. Roz’s story will touch your heart and give you confidence that you, too, can find hope in the future.” 

Richard Paul Evans 
author of New York Times Bestseller
The Christmas Box House


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"Monday I needed a lift and went to Roslyn's website and was not disappointed.  Her words lift my spirits and inspire me to move forward with a renewed sense of perspective and purpose.  They help me remember where to look for joy, comfort and truth, and remind me to look for God's hand in my life."

Tammi M.

"I felt so peaceful when I read Roslyn's book. We all have reason to be healed and I felt the healing taking place even as I read. I'm going to share this with my newly widowed friend and hope that it will also begin to heal her and help her through her grieving."

Kathy B.





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